• Image of Muse | pure bees wax tealights

Three muse candles, one perfect porcelain

Each muse pack contains 3 handmade beeswax candles, a handmade porcelain and hand folded package.

The petite muse candle is stunning at any table. A gift of discernment.

The muse porcelain glows like a miniature moon when lit.

Burn time | 3 - 4 hours

When you buy Northern Light Candle Company’s organic beeswax candles, you can feel happy knowing that you are contributing to a brighter future. We show respect to the environment by our choices and deeds. We care for living creatures and have a long standing relationship with bees.

Our organic beeswax candles are made from some of the finest organic beeswax in the world. They have the safest fume rating of any candlelight, are entirely produced in Australia and are the most sought after beeswax candles around the globe. The precious beeswax used is free from such things as paraffin, paints or decorations, palm oil, soy oil or any hazardous ingredient.